(Warning! If you’re easily offended, don’t read this)

We all know it, we get started with something and we fail. So we try to motivate ourselves. Great. How’s that working out? Why do we always end up falling back and then blaming ourselves?

We tell ourselves and hear trainers and coaches say we need to GO GO GO. Get up, get moving, go get it!

No, we don't.

Forcing, grinding, and being a badass is not sustainable for most of us non-fitness junkies.

It’s only a select few that get by with that and make that work. Those people teach you how they do it. For most of us that does not work. It’s tone-deaf and unrealistic.

Listen, you don’t lack willpower, you don’t lack discipline. You are not less than those ‘super trainers’ you see online. You want the real reason?

It’s not important enough for you. Say what? Ye, you heard me.

There is no real compelling reason to do the work. So temptation will knock you off track. You don't care enough. Which makes sense.

That ice-cold brew or latte chocolata with extra moccacino is more important. I am sorry to give it to you straight, but you know I’m right. We don't want this to be true, but often it is.

So what’s the solution?

We could say: eat more of this, less of that, create a calorie deficit, workout, and voila! We’re in our best shape ever. It’s a solution. So why don’t we do it?

Of course, the sting is in following through. Not once, not for a week or a month. But for the long haul.

Grinding, forcing, getting up, and GO GO GO does not work. Because it's not a priority yet.

The times we see real change is when people are SO fed up with their current state. They can't live with it for 1 more second. And BAM, they follow through.

Until they don't.

I’ve been dealing with stuff for 19 years. Following through is freaking HARD. It's supposed to be hard and it's good that it's hard.

Habits and routines are a powerful tool in this journey. But first we need something else...

What's that? 

A compelling reason to f#%king fight (excuse my language). This is the #1 reason you're not where you want to be.

Without that reason, you won't fight when you have to. The moments you have to fight will come. It's inevitable. It's inevitable you get knocked down. There will always be fires.

Only with a big compelling reason, will you stand up over and over and fight. We need something that will beat all the snacking and binging you’d like to do as well.

Depriving yourself of those things won't work without this secret ingredient.

How to do this?

Honestly, it’s not easy to do alone. You can’t lie to yourself. The compelling reason must be there and it must be true. Can you think of anything? If not, reach out and I’ll help you find it. There is actually a technique to do this.

When you have your compelling reason, it’s time to make things easier. You do this by building habits, routines, and systems. But not just any, no. They need to fit in your life.

Listen to me for a second...

If you’re not a fitness junkie (yet), you should not try to go to the gym 6x a week.

If you love good food (like I do) you should not stop eating it because you're 'going on a diet.'

If you like to drink alcohol, eat cake or devour a roll of cookies, you should. Do you know how many health gurus will fall off their chairs if I say this? But you know why I say it?

You know it’s unhealthy, but you are not stupid. Why would anyone assume that you are or talk to you that way?

If you want to be hammered once a week, you do you. (Don’t let the board of nutritionists and health guru’s know, they will slap me ;-))

If you give up all those things, you will run into trouble. The bigger your compelling reason, the longer you will be able to follow through. But the real win is in this:

  • A BIG compelling reason
  • Implementing habits, routines, and systems that fit your life and personality

#1 will pull you forward, #2 will stop decision fatigue and overwhelm.

So what would it mean to you to have your full health, to feel and look like the role model you want to be? To be an example to family and friends? To have energy ALL the time? To be able to live your life as the best you?

What’s on the other side?

Medical bills? Your quality of life? What if you’re not able to keep up with your kids? Have no energy? Never your true self, not enjoying life to the fullest, and not feeling great every single day?

The choice is yours and it's simple.

I do not care what weight, fat percentage, strength level you are at. I care if you’re happy and I care enough to tell the truth. If you are happy with where you are, GREAT.

If you are not happy, don't listen to the people that say: "you're fine". You're not.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT, accept losing. That's what it is; losing.

I see way too many people accept losing, that's why it's starting to look normal. It's not.

Yes, you feel bad and make mistakes and fall down, that’s ok. If you get up. Don’t roll over into submission. Stand up. Life is to freakin' short.

Find your compelling reason and then build your system.


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About The Author

Erik is the owner and founder of Steel Train CrossFit and Steel Train Coaching. His mission is to empower people's lives through health and fitness coaching.