Today's post will tell you more about STC’s core. This is what STC stands for, what we are after and how will aim to achieve that. These statements are ever-evolving. At their core, they will remain the same, but they are not set in stone. They can and will change throughout time. On the date I write this (01-12-2020), this is our mission, (what do we want to achieve) our vision (how do we plan on doing that), and our values (what rules do we live by).

Mission Statement

Transform 10.000 lives through fitness coaching

Vision Statement

Multiple Steel Train CrossFit gyms that strive for excellence in serving the (local) communities with life-changing fitness.

Fitness that creates a healthier, happier, and better life.

Deliver fitness coaching that gets results.

Create a drastic impact on people’s lives through fitness. Our members experience growth and improvement in fitness and every aspect of life; physically, mentally, emotionally.

Not an access gym, but a coaching gym. We actively help clients reach their goals.


“How can we help, better”?

Care and compassion to everyone that walks in our door.

Enthusiasm to be able to make a difference in someone’s life.

Honesty and sincerity in all our actions.

Great vibes, social experience, and excellent service.

Inclusivity and a welcome, caring environment/community created by both staff and members.

Breaking boundaries and reaching goals, together.

Welcoming, belonging, and safety

Improvement, not perfection.

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About The Author

Erik is the owner and founder of Steel Train CrossFit and Steel Train Coaching. His mission is to empower people's lives through health and fitness coaching.