Today I'll answer this for you.

Bold statement I know.

There is a funny kind of hostility in the fitness industry. Especially when it comes to 'types of training'. One 'expert' swears by one thing and the other calls him an idiot.

Even the 'Gurus' with thousands of followers on Social media. They use a lot of attention grabbing headlines that bash any type of training they disapprove of.

It will get them attention, sure.

But it's stupid.

Sure there are effective ways of training and ineffective ways of training. And of course, safety is important. But for some, just moving, is already a huge win. So I would like to say; keep it up. Whatever shit you're doing.

In all honesty, I would prefer you're training, not moving. But there is no right or wrong. Doing something trumps doing nothing any day.

There is right or wrong form. Right or wrong technique. Right or wrong types of training for specific goals. But training by itself is not right or wrong, moving is not right or wrong. It's always right. It's better than freaking nothing.

Now let's talk about the most effective way of training in the world. Since we're moving or training anyway, why not make it more effective, right?

First we need to differentiate training from moving. The difference is progress. Measurable, consistent, progress. If you want to train, you need to find some way to measure. Know facts, not feelings. Feeling good because you have moved, is great. But consistently creating progress with training is a much better feeling. You get that same high and you are progressing.

So; the most effective training in the world. What is is the answer?

It's not what you think it is. Bear with me for a moment.

The most effective type of training is not 1 type of training. Obviously, different types of training work for different goals. What matters FIRST and what matters MOST is doing training specifically for what you are after. Training for your goal(s). If you use a type training that does not suit your goal, you can have the best program in the world, but it wouldn't work. Make sense?

The most effective training in the world is the type of training that is created specifically for your goals. But it does not stop there. Let's put it in some rules.

So rule #1: Use the type of training specifically for your goal or goals.

Rule #2: Set goals within your target. 'Get stronger' 'Lose weight' 'Tone up' 'Become healthier'. These are general goals, fine. Now make it measurable. Set targets.

Without these goals you'll end up just 'moving'. Trust me on this. (if you don't know yet, ask any good coach or contact us to help you set goals)

Rule #3: Follow a program and track! There are plenty of free programs online, but even better is to get a personalised program. Any good coach can help you with this.

Next time you go to the gym, think for yourself. What are you training? What's your goal? Lose fat? Build muscle? Build strength? Build endurance? Flexibility? Agility?

Is your goal breaking a sweat? Great. Give me 10 (beginner) 15 (intermediate) or 25 (advanced) burpees in 1 minute. Done. ;-)

All kidding aside, when you go to your gym. What do you do? Sit on a few machines? Do a few squats? Join a group class?

What is your goal?

Here are some ideas to do for general goals. But remember, after this you still need rule 2 and 3:

Work on general health and fitness?

Use a broad fitness approach. Do a mix of HIIT training, cardio and strength. Always have a strength component. Train large compound movements with weights. Squats, deadlifts, carries, pushes and pulls. Even better; join a good CrossFit gym.

Want to lose weight?

Do high intensity and resistance training. Combine that with the right nutrition. Any time left; steady pace cardio.

Want to tone specific areas or lose weight on specific areas?

Do the same. Now add a few specific exercises for these areas.

Want to be able to run 10k?

Follow a running program.

Want to feel and look better?

Follow any program you enjoy/like, it will increase your chances to follow through.

You see, I own a CrossFit gym. I'm not saying; do CrossFit. CrossFit could work for some goals, yes. It is incredible to create general fitness or for 'just having a great workout'. But you are you. Depending on your goals, something else might be better.

Our life's work is to help you succeed with any of your goals.

Your first step is to figure out what you really want.

Once the target is there, you can take the next step and actually train.

Go get it today!


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